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Friday, March 4, 2011


This has been a great day so far! Getting business done with Scentsy, had a lunch date with another football mom at the most amazing fresh Mexican restaurant called Sharkey's at the District in Irvine! YUMMO!! We bonded over lunch and have come to the conclusion that we are both SURVIVORS of circumstance!! <3 Then, I went to my Scentsy sponsor's house and got a bunch of business building documents that are going to help me jump start my bizz!! YAYY!! Then, I came home after a few hours out to discover that my MEG (my son's girlfriend) was acceted to Azusa Pacific University (APU)...the college she has been waiting for! The college that she has poured all of her time and energy into! The only college she even really cares about being accepted into. She has spent so many hours praying and crying and reminding herself that she needs to wait for God and that He would work it all out for her! Trying so hard to not be anxious about anything! In fact, we had a meeting just yesterday and spent some time in prayer and we talked about how she needed to let go and let God! Then today she gets the news!! That to me is just so incredible!! God really is so good and still answers prayer!! I also found out that our prospective new youth leader is going to hang out with my boys tomorrow so that his wife can come to my Scentsy party at Leora's!! That is so awesome and exactly what I have been praying for! Someone that is willing to invest their time in our kids and build relationships! YESSS!!! Again, God is good and still answers prayer!!

On a totally unrelated topic...I got a sneak peek at Armand's Senior Portraits that we took in Lake Forest with Adam Howard! I can't decide which one I like better...but from what I've seen, it's between these two for Graduation Announcements:

So there you have it..which one is your fave? I'm torn between the two, but apparently I will be receiving a disc with over 100 photos!! Eeegads!! What am I gonna do then?!?!? HAHA!!

Okay, now it's time to go take care of some more business! I'm leading my very first Scentsy party on my own tomorrow! So much to do to prepare! Later Gators! <3

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